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The world today, from the westernized countries right through to the third world there are dog and cat overpopulation problems. These are shown by stray feral animals, usually diseased and thin, living by a “survival of the fittest” regime.

In some countries, governments take an active role, with large culling programs, or dog euthanasia trucks on the roads. Or it is left up to the local people and charities to try and solve the problem, with rehoming campaigns (Sri Lanka) and sterilizing programs (Greek Islands, Sierra Leona). This however, doesn’t sort out the problem. It persists year in year out, with thousands of healthy dogs and cats being killed, humanely and inhumanely.


IND12Spay Sisters started in June 2006, not because we thought we could prevent these unnecessary deaths, but because we thought we could make a small effort to save a few dog and cat lives and make a start in the education of the onlookers! Sterilizing is not a cull but leads to a healthier existence by the control of reproduction. Post operation the animals become calmer, fight less, get fewer diseases and obviously don’t produce vast quantities of kittens and puppies each year. A single cat or dog can be responsible for 20,000 descendants in five years. Therefore the animal population becomes more stable and less transient. There are many other dog and cat charity organisations world wide, RSPCA, Soi Dog, Spad, Chat Libre and Slaws operating sterilization programs. The difference with ours is that we, the original trustees are vets and veterinary nurses. Due to this we are able to access materials and medicines more easily and we donate our time for free.