The Team


I am English but now spend most of my time in France, where I work as a vet and my 3 children go to school. Yes, eons ago Juliette and I met and not quite so long ago we both met Dominique. All 3 of us were employed by Goddards, a very large veterinary practice in London.

Ella Stekly



“I graduated in Ghent, Belgium in 1984. Have since lived and work in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and for the last 20 years in England. I have always been passionate about the plight of diseased animals, due to neglect, cruelty or more frequently people’s ignorance. Joining the Spay Sisters, is my way of correcting some of harm that is bestowed on them.”

Dominique Vanthournout



“So we are a very intertwined female group, who got together, joined forces and thought we could make a difference…. And with a bit more of your help, the difference will be even greater!!”

Suzi Q Howes



“I graduated in England in 2014 and have lived and worked in England, Wales and now the Shetland Islands in a busy mixed practice. The Spay Sisters’ regulars are a unique group of strangers who gel into an awesome team to get the job done. We all find it very rewarding to be able to give something back. Our strengths as individuals complement each other allowing us to teach locals, students and really make a difference.”

Toni-Marie Locke